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Hidden London

The Other London

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London: The Non-tourist, yet compelling parts. And the things you walk past and never notice.
Non omne quod nitet aurum est.

Not necessarily special, merely not so frequented. Not just the superficiality of the bright lights. Not merely the shiny Devil's Pramwheel and the overlit spikey bridge. The darker, or quieter, or simpler, but not entirely mundane. The intriguing and hidden. Though mainly only hidden because there's none so blind as those who will not see.

If you're looking for the facade, the glitz and glamour, surrounded by piles of burger wrappers and lager cans, then there are lots of other more appropriate communities; you won't have far to look - and you'll find many more like you whom you can feel comfortable around.

For the rest of us, two things to keep open in this city. Eyes and expectations.


This is a moderated group, you have to ask for membership; this is essentially to stop the lazier spammers and time-wasters. I ran one of these once before and the first thing that I had to deal with was half a dozen people who spent all their time posting links to their online shops and e-bay... Now I keep the pokers and pincers in a well oxygentated brazier at all times. Ready for the screams of the transgressor.

Rules are whatever I decide they are at the time, this isn't a democracy. Basically, don't be an arse and you'll be fine. If in doubt, ask first. And remember how to use an LJ CUT, especially with large and/or photoposts: there it's community default.

Apart from that, take more turns and less straight lines and see where you end up.